Combination cleaning unit



Combination operations for high pressure jetting and cleaning of sewer pipes. It has two compartments: one for mud, and respectively, a compartment for clean water. Optionally, the combination cleaning unit can be equipped with a mobile separator wall. The separator can be moved pneumatically.

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  • 8.000 – 10.000 liters total capacity
  • Made of steel or stainless steel
  • It has a hydraulically-powered rear cap. This opens up on the entire section and has a centralized locking system
  • The mud tank can be emptied with a hydraulic dumping system for easier unloading.


Vacuum pump

  • Capacity: 1400 m3/h at 60% vacuum (400 mbars)
  • High pressure pump
  • 333 l/min at 170 bars capacity with automatic pressure regulation pneumatic valve



  • DN 125 suction hose has a hydraulic arm
  • Drum for the main high pressure hose designed for 180 m / DN 25
  • Drum for the secondary high pressure hose designed for 60 m / DN13
  • High pressure circuits are protected by an anti-freeze system
  • Unloading threshold, toolboxes and accessories, washing unit
  • Automated control with CAN-BUS computer, radio remote
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