Correlator Correlux P-2



Correlux P-2 is a digital correlator for water leakage detection. Correlux P-2 correlator is used for detecting water pipe leaks. The leaking water makes noise that propagates to both ends of a pressurized water duct. The noise is recorded by two sensors (pieso or hydrophones).

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Correlux® P-2 compares the two signals – correlates them – and calculates the exact distance from the leaking point, integrating the delay time of the signal, the distance between the sensors and the speed of sound. DDeveloped by Seba KMT, Correlux P-2 is easy to use and it’s optimised for both metal and plastic pipelines.


  • Exact measurement results
  • Easy to use
  • Optimised for plastic tubes
  • High autonomy
  • Connectable sensor for the central unit
  • Robust casings
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