Ground microphone Hidrolux HL5000 H2



With the new series of modern equipment Hidrolux HL 500 H2 and HL 5000 H2 you can exactly locate in a fast and easy way water leaks. Hidrolux HL 5000 H2 is a special equipment set, made of ground microphones and tracer gas detector to locate water leaks, that uses modern digital signal processing (DSP) technologies for clear recognition of water leaking sounds, even in noisy areas.

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The sounds are received and output acoustically, and their level is displayed visually using the well known Seba technology for dual segment analysis (DSA). For the users this means more trust in finding the water leaks. Thanks to this unique mix, HL 5000 H2 offers high precision detection, visualizing up to nine measure points (gas concentration / sound).


  • Mixing an acoustic locator with a tracer gas detector in the same equipment
  • Histogram for displaying the sound level and gas concentration
  • The leaks can be heard and seen: Meter with histogram showing 9 DSA bars at the same time
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Maximum audio quality – Complete 16 bit digital audio codec
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