Roscope Multiview is a compact, modular, inspection unit that offers a high degree of flexibility in areas where a fast and easy inspection, analysis and documentation of pipes and hard to access spaces. Roscope Multiview can be used for the inspection and analysis of air conditioning units, plumbing or heating installations. The basic Roscope device can be mixed with different modules available in four sets. Every set can be extended with three other modules to cover a wide array of usages.

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  • SD Card for storing images and videos
  • The ROSCOPE TEC 1000 set is equipped with a camera with a 17 mm head and 90 cm curved neck
  • The ROSCOPE PIPE 25/22 set comes with a camera with a 25 mm head and a 22 m cable
  • The ROSCOPE PIPE 25/22 set also includes a mini-coil
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