Sebalog N-3



The water that is coming out of a pressurized pipeline makes the walls of the pipes vibrate. These sound waves can be detected using loggers that record the noise level. The Sebalog N-3 loggers record both the noise level of a leak and its frequency spectrum. Using these two factors one can determine the probability of a new leakage and the relative position of the leak in relation to the adjacent loggers. With Sebalog N-3, monitoring the pipe networks will be done efficiently and economically. Loss detection is done both optically and acoustically, data being sent in real time to the Commander reading equipment. This way the data will be immediately interpreted without using any other equipment.

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  • Saves the noise level and frequency
  • Visual and audio leakage detection
  • Saves audio files
  • Histogram and data comparison functions
  • Innovative unit “Commander-3”
  • Real time measurements
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