Tiny - PC2


Tiny is a compact and easy to carry (the wheeled version) inspection system. It has a small weight and is equipped with different video cameras, with focus and gravitational image sensor that always keeps a vertical image. This CCTV inspection system includes a distance measuring counter and a control system for the lights on top of the camera.

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  • High fidelity contrast at low temperatures.
  • Highly durable and efficient LED light.
  • Integrated central unit and cable drum.
  • Large-sized color LCD display.
  • Multiple power supply.
  • Push cord of different lengths.
  • Camera connection system with stainless steel spring to correct the movements when going through pipe bends.
  • Cable drum break to slow down the uncoiling of the cord, that can also be used as a blocking mechanism during transportation or steadying a position.


  • Adapter for different diameters
  • Spacers for different diameters
  • Power cord
  • Accessories bag
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