Utility pipe locator vLocPro 2


vLocPro 2 is a multifrequency utility pipe locator that will help you to detect easily and efficiently buried infrastructure networks. It can measure fast and the exact depth at which the infrastructure is located just by pressing a button. vLocPro 2 offers an optimal localization, in all conditions, thanks to its large palette of frequencies it operates on.

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  • Fast, exact and efficient localization of buried infrastructure networks
  • Fast and exact measurement of the depth just by pressing a button
  • Lightweight receiver (under 2.5 kg) for comfortable use
  • Large array of frequencies for optimal localization in any conditions
  • Large LCD display, easy to read even in high light environments
  • Automatic senstivity control
  • 5 or 10 W high-quality generator
  • Optional feature for detecting mantle defects


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