Wincan VX



WinCan VX is a software solution developed by CD Lab AG Switzerland. The WinCan VX software can be used for the management and analysis of assets resulted from CCTV inspections. Reports can be created and WinCan VX can be integrated with any type of inspection equipment.

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The software comes with a Romanian language menu that is easy to learn, and can be used immediately with minimum training, it is compatible with Windows 7, has a modular design that allows further improvement with additional software modules, with features like:

  • data input examination,
  • unlimited number of data and modifications,
  • image capture,
  • image capture/export,
  • video capture with auto-recording,
  • slope chart,
  • inspection reports,
  • asset management: report, section, camera stop
  • color graphic symbols catalogue for customizing the reports
  • import/export
  • data transfer to GIS system
  • text writing and editing
  • PDF reports
  • automatic recording of every operation
  • automatic calculation of the inspected area length
  • cracks measurement
  • deformation measurement
  • partial or complete report printing
  • video MPEG1,2,4 recording
  • others…
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